Trans Earth Injection

Semistereo signs worldwide deal with FREIA Music

SEMISTEREO is very pleased to announce to have signed an exclusive deal with Dutch label FREIA Music for their upcoming full length album ‘Trans Earth Injection’. FREIA Music ensures the world wide digital and physical distribution of the album. New shows are being booked in conjunction with Booking Agency JBM Events for 2017 already.

Trans Earth Injection contains 7 epic songs, recorded by (among others) VDVDV (Producer of Dutch Stoners Astrosoniq) at Torture Garden Studio. The album is mixed and mastered by the mighty Jochem Jacobs (of Dutch metalcore heavyweigths Textures, who previously worked with bands like Intwine, Cirrha Niva and Izegrim) at the renowned Split Second Sound Studio, Amsterdam.
Trans Earth Injection is available NOW.

This is a lyrics video “Loneliness at the Door”

Semistereo is Marcel van de Graaf (ex- T-Nailed, ex-Tree Funk Concept) on drums, on guitar Frank Weijers (Salty Cheek), on guitar and vocals Martijn Weyburg (A Day’s Work), on bass Mickeal Schuurman (Apophys, ex-Mondvolland , ex-Heidevolk) and on lead vocals Paul Glandorf (A Day’s Work, Arjen Lucassen (live), Alarion). Each of Semistereo’s members bring a lot of experience. They opened for bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snow Patrol, Marillion, 24/7 Spyz, Riverside and Living Colour, played festivals like Dynamo Open Air and Parkpop and did shows in France, UK, Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. Combining all this into Semistereo.

FREIA Music’s Peter Lindenbergh about the collaboration:
“The music of Semistereo is a prime example of the music we want to promote. I am convinced that their music fits right in the future of progressive music. And that’s why I jumped at the chance to work together with these guys. ‘Trans Earth Injection’ will not only appeal to the progressive rock fans but to a much wider audience. Apart from that they’re a great bunch of guys!”

Paul Glandorf on FREIA Music:
“It’s amazing how much passion Peter brings. Not only has he got the connections we are looking for. His enthusiasm and drive make us feel beyond special. We can’t wait to release this monster into the world.”

An amazing video for the brand new song “A New Tomorrow” is being recorded right now with Sander van der Poel (Da Tijd) at the helm. This work of art will also be released online early 2017.