DRUMS tracking DONE!

Recently Mars has tracked drum parts for 10 (!) new songs for the upcoming album. Including Timpani, Congas and various other percussion. We are not sure yet which songs will make the final cut, but we will keep you posted. They ALL sound amazing that’s for sure, but we also want the best selection of songs and an album as a whole for you to enjoy.

The recordings were made at E-sound studio in Weesp. Dutch music history was written in that studio since the 70’s, and hopefully we added a cool chapter to that.  Thomas Cochrane was in charge …

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Semistereo Bandcamp REVAMPED

Hey folks, today is a good day to head over to our renewed bandcamp page. All our music is available there, and you can pick up some T-shirts as well!




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Recording the new album!

You might wonder: what the F are these Semistereo guys upto? Well…. If you guys follow our social accounts Instagram and Facebook you might now already that we have been recording large parts of our upcoming album! Guitars are nearly 100% done, drums are up next. We are currently in the process of writing lyrics and vocal parts as well, so that train is a-rockin’ and a-rollin too…

below a few snap shots from Potatohead HQ, stay tuned for shots from the next recording sessions!

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